$1200 Gaming Comp Final Check

After much thinking and deliberation, I have decided to go with the following for my first ever computer build. Just one question about a PSU at the end.

Approximate Purchase Date: Next week or two

Budget Range: $1000-$1200 before Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (Civ 5, SWTOR, Skyrim, Starcraft 2)

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, OS,

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, Amazon, TigerDirect

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: none. Though I decided on as NVIDIA Card

Overclocking: Yes. A mild OC on both CPU and GPU

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe if I need it in the future.

Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050

Additional Comments: I have compiled what I think is a cost effective and good computer that I want to buy. Just double checking to see if everything is good, and whether or not there are any places to improve/save on. Here it is:

i5-2500k -Seems to be best right now

CM Hyper 212 Evo - cheap and effective

ASROCK Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 - cheap and effective

Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm Hdd - cheap. I don't need much storage

Corsair 600t Special Edition White - Beautiful case!

ASUS 24X DVD burner- cheap dvd burner

TP-Link USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter - cheap high rated wireless card

MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk - decision aided by the forums

I already bought GSKill Sniper 8GB 1600mhz Ram on sale for $40.

Total(Pre PSU) = 937.92

And finally, which PSU?? I know I want 750 watts in case I need to SLI the 560's. I also think I want Corsair and modular. Is the Silver Certification worth the 20 or so bucks extra it costs? Is it worth another 20 to get up to gold?
Corsair AX750 $170
Corsair HX750 $150
Corsair TX750 $130

Max Total = $1107.91

I think I did pretty good, right? Feel free to comment or suggest changes. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Antec is a beast...great price for that unit. the HX750 though is my personal choice. Single rail, and not much more after MIR. Plenty for 2 GTX560's. i would recommend going with ASUS' plain GTX560 Fermi though, and OC it. the single fan model. Save yourself about $60 and OC it yourself. Smart way. Other thing is if you dont need much storage, and you can get away with say, 256Gb...i would prefer to see you go with Crucial M4 SSD.

    Saving the money on the GTX card and taking the money out for the the HDD, you should be able to squeak by just under your $1200 mark, and your performance would be highly improved. Or, if you dont have even that much, go with a 128GB SSD, roughly $190, and put the money saved into a GTX570. Much better setup if you really dont need the storage, and you will be good for a long time.

    Reason for the 570, 560's sli'd have microstuttering. 2 GTX560's are a little better number wise than an OC'd GTX570, but you wont have the random fps drops.
  2. Thanks for the responses Casual and cutebeans.

    Isn't a 900 Watt PSU totally overkill for this setup? If I grab such a big wattage PSU, won't that technically draw more power from the wall, increasing my energy costs? Plus there are some good deals on the Corsair PSU's right now ($10 MIR, and %10 off). Because of that I was leaning towards the HX 750 like CasualGamer suggested.

    As for the big SSD, I see no reason for it. Boot times, and load times don't bother me. If anything I'd buy a $100 SSD and use it as a boot drive, namely the Crucial M4. I just figure I don't need to spend the money.

    And for the Video Card, I decided on the 560TI because my resolution is pretty low (1680x1050), and I'm new to the whole Overclocking thing, so I figured I would get a high overclock out of the box. Plus the Twin Frozr III cooler seems to one of, if not the best cooling solutions.
  3. Look at the recommendation of guru3d

    I'd get the 900w since it would give you more headroom for any additional upgrades. I was under the presumption that PSUs only draw power the system needs. I'm not sure but I think that's how they work.
  4. Look get one that is/have:
    - Modular
    - Single 12v rail
    - 80Plus certified (bronze or superior)

    I would not get this Antec 900w
    It delivers 52A maximum at 12v rails combined (624W), this means that CPU+VGAs are limited to this 624W rate

    Corsair AX750
    If needed it can deliver almost all the power in 12v rails, as it delivers 62A maximum (744W)

    Meaning -> Antec have more combined wattage, but the corsair is simply better at powering CPU + VGAs

    I'm not questioning another PSUs, just saying that for future proof, this 750W PSU is better than the other 900W PSU.
  5. As reference, though my calculations, if you stick with a sandybridge (95W).
    A 750W PSU can sustain even a GTX 570 SLI (since per Nvidia website that certify PSUs for SLI, you need a maximum 60A at 12v rail to power a GTX 470 SLI, that's is the same wattage from GTX 570 SLI)
  6. For such resolution 1680x1050 you may want to look at 6870 instead of 560ti..the MSI Twin Frozr III is ideal for O/C

    MSI R6870 Hawk Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity
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    900W of true wattage is good, but i would highly recommend the HX750 from Corsair. roughly $140, and rock solid as i have one in my build. Also, i would stick with nVidia. I sound snobbish, but in all honesty, they are on top for a reason, just like intel with amd. Their cards allow for use with PhysX, which now isn't a widespread tech, but within the next 2-5 years i imagine it will be in 1/2 the games. Unless you will be doing 3D videos/gaming, you honestly wont miss a Radeon card. Also, unless you are buying a 6900s card, GTX570's win against all AMD/ATI cards, and there is still room to improve.

    For the price range, a GTX560 will be your best card...even over the 6870...yes. and, with this card supporting physx, amd/ati doesn't, future games will run smoother, from what is presently known.


  8. Thanks everyone for the input, and reafimring my beliefs. I will be going the HX750 for my PSU. Thanks especially to Casualgamer and vitornob, your response were especially helpful. I'd give you both "best answer" if I could.

    I'll be posting my build in the other picture forum as soon as its done! Thanks
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  10. Thanks for BA. Best of luck with your build! Please take pics and post if you are obliged!
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