Can my PSU handle this CPU upgrade?

For a few years I have successfully been running this setup:

Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2 GHz 65W
Radeon HD 4670
4 gb ram 1333
250 gb hdd
300 W psu

I am now looking to do a budget upgrade of the cpu and am looking at the--> Athlon X3 455 3.3 GHz 95W

I am wondering though if my psu which has been doing fine under the old configuration can handle this cpu upgrade. It is just the stock 300W psu that came with the HP Pavillion from Best Buy. Thanks.
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  1. Risky venture upgrading processors on a pre-built pc.
    Lack of bios updates and mobo cpu support often lead to = Fail!
  2. how did you get ddr3 (1333mgz?) on a x2 system? if your setup really does have this, and it works, then i dont see why your cpu socket cant shift from an am2 to a am2+ or am3 for the athlon x3

    really though, i think your listed specs are off, try googling a program called speccy and relist your info?
  3. Sorry my mistake, the 4gigs of 1333 is what will be put in the computer when I upgrade the cpu and motherboard. Currently it is running 3 gigs of ddr2 533.

    That's right, I'm planning a cpu, motherboard, and ram upgrade. I thought only the cpu portion of the upgrade would affect my psu though, not the ram or motherboard. Perhaps I'm wrong.
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