Brand New Power Supply not Working Help :(

Hey Guys, i Purchased a new power supply and graphics card. The power supply is a Visiontek 800watt +80 bronze. The graphics card is a MSI 560ti Hawk edition.

So like ususal i removed my previous stuff a 400watt power supply and 9800gt. So i placed in the new stuff and i go to boot my system and i heara continous beeping sound. At first i just thought i didnt plug something in correctly. But that didnt seem to be the case.So after double checking and making sure everything was snuggly put in i boot it up again and this time it beeped continously again and the Red LED on the graphics card turned on.I immediatly knew something was wrong so i thought maybe the the two 6 pin connectors needed to power the card were fualty. But nope. So after that i put back in my old power supply and everything worked fine. So then i was like im going to try one more time so i put in the new PSU and this time NOTHING happens at all abolutely no signs of any power at all. so i checked the connections again and i played with it for a while and i removed the 4pin connector on the the motherboard and my cpu fans and power supply fans and gpu fans started going as fast as they could and didnt stop they were ramped to the max.

So i ended up fiddling and playing with it some more and i removed the connections to the optical drive and hard drive. this time it started up but the fans werent moving but for the first time the power button lit up witch was a shock i thought i was getting somewhere. But of course im unlucky and nothing positive happend do display on my monitor ever happend during all these attempts by the way.

I am really frustrated and need some help or any clue of whats the problem

NOTE: the stock power supply in the system before had a 20 pin connector into the main power to the motherboard and the new power supply was a 24 pin connector but still all the pins fit snuggly. I dont know if this has anything to do with it.

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  1. I'd check your motherboards manual. Beeping is always some kind of status code, so find out what continuous beeping means for your motherboard.

    Could you clarify a bit more on your motherboard power connector? Does the motherboard itself have a 20 or 24 pin connector?
  2. what motherboard do you have? sounds like it may not be compatable with the vid card.
  3. it has a 24pin connector but the previous power supply that was working fine was only using 20 of the pins since it was factory shipped in a complete setup like that
  4. its not the video card since the computer dosent wana start witht the new power supply period
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