32'' 1920x1080 vs 3x23 5760x1080

So here is the thing Sony Bravia Led hdtv 32'' 1920x1080(cant remember the model) with gtx 570

or triple lg e2340v 23'' for a total resolution of 2760x1080 with 590/6990/6950 cf/6970 cf

if the last one need help with gpu

prices of gpu:
6950 2gb=$390

i like nvidia better but if performance is better... i know 590/6990 will be harder to sell maby i could buy 6950's and sell them and get 7000 series or idk u tell me

case is x900 idk if 6990 will fit
also i would overclock

EDIT: im from argentina
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  1. A 6950 crossfire or 6970 crossfire is more powerful than the GTX590 or 6990.With those dual GPU cards they had to tone down the clock speeds so they could fit it within the power requirements.They really have more negatives than positives.And the price you pay for a dual GPU card can really be justified since a 6950 crossfire can do the same thing for half the cost.

    I would suggest going with a 6950 crossfire since the extra VRAM will help with the larger resoultions.

    Where are you getting the 2760x1080 resoultion from? A triple 1080p setup is 5760x1080.

    What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)
  2. ohh sorry i misspelled, im getting 2500k and 8gb
  3. Mistype is my guess, for 5760x1080 you would need AT LEAST a 6990 or 590 to play new games at high settings, if you go with the single 32" screen any of those cards would max out any game.
  4. if i go 1920x1080 ill get the 570

    the thing is if i get the three monitors
  5. Three monitors is really great.If you have the money I really suggest going for it.Yes at such a large resoultion it will tax the GPU a lot but if you get a 6970 crossfire it should handle it well.As an alternative you can always get a 720p 3 monitor setup.
    x3 20" monitors should give you a lot more FPS but still have the same affect as Eyefinity.
  6. i just have those 2 options
  7. Well still.I would really reccomend going with the 3 monitor setup.It brings a whole other experience and fun to gaming.
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