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what are some realy good gaming cards i can get with out going over $200 i have these graphic card slots

2 x PCI
1 x PCI-e x1
1 x PCI-e 2.0 x16

any help thanks :)
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  1. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make/model of your PSU?

    For sub $200 I would suggest the 6870.Of course the selection of the GPU depends on what type of CPU you have and what resoultion your monitor is.

    Asus 6870 $190=$170 after MIR + Free Shipping
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    Is it 1080p or 720p?

    Well since we now know your specs i'm going to suggest going with a 5770/6770.Anything higher than that will get bottlenecked by your CPU.Of course you can always O.C. to lessen the bottleneck.

    Your also going to need to upgrade your PSU.Here's what I suggest.

    Graphics Card:
    MSI Twin Frozr II 6770 $140=$125 after MIR + $8 Shipping

    Power Supply:
    Antec Gamer Series 520 watt $60 + Free Shipping

    Your total should be around $200 before rebates.If your upgrading from the intergreated graphics it should yield a huge boost in performance.
  3. well that's prob what i"ll do thank you and my screen 1080p if that helps and would it be good if i over clock would it help and will it hurt my pc and how do you do it?
  4. your CPU would help but you would have to get to around 3.3ghz or 3.4ghz to lessen the bottleneck for a 6850/6870.Honestly though I think the 6770 fits perfectly with your CPU and PC.The Twin Frozr II is a great card.
  5. well i might just stick with what i have and go with the 6770 and also is the power supply needed cause i was planing on getting more ram so and maybe even i new fan cause this thing only has 1 and what games can i play with the 6770? thanks :)
  6. Yes you absolutely need a new PSU.The HP PSU that you have doesn't have enough power to supply a 6770 and the rest of your system.You get a $15 MIR from the Twin Frozr II.But if you wanted to save more money for RAM you can get a cheaper 6770 and a cheaper PSU.But you already have 4G of RAM and I don't think you would benifit from more.

    Honestly I would put your money towards a new case then new RAM and a new fan.Those HP Micro Case's are horrible for air flow and are really small.Also I had 4G of RAM and upgraded so now I have 8GB and I really don't notice much of a difference at all.
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