890GPA-UD3H Onboard audio not detected at all

AMD X4 955 @3.2ghz
8gb ram
GTX 670
64bit win7

Onboard audio device is not detected at all. I've installed and reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled windows. It is almost as someone completely tore it off the motherboard. I enable it in bios. But nothing at all appears in windows. No device manage "unknown hardware" nothing in Audio devices just a blank box. Been struggling with this problem for a long time. I've worked in computer repair/troubleshooting before, but this really has me stumped. Any suggestions?
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  1. Might be dead!
  2. is there any audio device in device manager?
    HD audio icon showed in task bar?
  3. Negative, and negative. its like nothing is there at all. I abandoned the troubleshooting. And he ended up buying a standalone Pci-e card and it "fixed" the problem, so i guess you can marked this solved. Thanks for the replies guys
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