Something wrong with memory usage.

I recently built a new PC.. Here are the specs..

AMD Phenom II X4 945
MSI RADEON R4350 Graphics card
64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate

I normally don't game much on my PC and didn't build it to run best performance with the newest games.. But, out of curiosity I thought I'd try a few newer games to see how they ran.. Thats when I discovered a problem.

I installed Witcher 2, at the end of the installation or the start of the game it analysed my configuration and reported that I had 4 gigs of RAM.. Obviously thats not right so I was second guessing everything and reconfirming.. I know your limited to 4gb of ram with a 32-bit OS so I double checked and am indeed running Windows 64-bit OS. The system properties also show the 8gb of RAM. So, I figured it was probably an error on the games part. So, I started the game, which was horribly choppy, and then opened task manager to see what my performance looked like.. Thats were I got concerned.

This is what it showed -

Total : 8137
Cached : 4000
Available : 3958
Free : 21

I don't understand this.. Also, My memory graph is pegged at 4GB... It just seems like something is wrong. Like its only utilizing 4gb of RAM. Is there something in the BIOS I missed.. Hell, IT SHOWS 8GB of RAM! What gives.. Am I losing it?
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  1. Why do you believe there's an issue? Witcher 2 may only be able to address 4GB of memory, but your system has 8GB. Just load enough memory hungry applications and the cached and available memory will decrease accordingly.
  2. Yeah, the more I'm looking in to it I'm not sure I do.. However, no matter what I do I can't get it above 4gb usage.. I'm curious about it saying 4gb CACHED.. Does that mean its allocated 4GB as a disk cache or something? Rendering it unavailable as conventional memory usage?

    I was thinking The Witcher is probably a 32-bit program. So, out of curiosity if a program is 32 bits does that mean its only able to use a maximum of 4gb of RAM? Sorry for the rhetorical questions. Catching up to the modern computing world. Had a single core with 4gb of ram for the last 7 years and because of that sorta didn't pay attention to progress.. Now I am trying to reinform myself.
  3. A 32 bit application won't use more than 4GB of memory. You should read as it explains all values that you provided as well as physical memory utilization percentage that you didn't provide.
  4. Thanks!
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