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I was given this card but I'm not sure what it is. I am unable to install the card on my current computer because it is a Dell and as this is a double deck card it will not fit in Dell's BTX form factor cases. I would like to have as much information on it as I can so I can decide to include it or not in the build of my next computer. I've tried to search each serial and part number on ATI's support page none of which returned any result. The odd black metal extension suggests, to me, that this card came from a pre-built system and that this is some proprietary mounting piece. I could not find any pictures on Google that match this exactly. Comparing it visually to other images my guess is that this is a ATI Radeon HD 5770 but I'd like to confirm that. Another thing I'm curious about is that I cannot find any manufacturing signatures on the card so I'm not sure who made it. I've taken a few photosgraphs of the card hopefully somebody here can answer my questions, also the part/serial numbers.

Thanks much.

On back of card:
S/N 18119 005639
P/N 102C0100810 000001

On sink/fan enclosure:
P/N 7120184001G
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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    IMO, it does indeed looks like a 5770, you can tell by the location of the fan relative to the end of the pcie, they overlap which I don't see in 5850 and up.
  2. if you have another pc you can fit the card you can use GPU-Z to identify the card. but you might want to remove that backplate first.
  3. No other PC to try this on sadly. I was thinking about going to Fry's and seeing if one of their install guys could put it in something. I've got my cogs turning trying to decide if I want to build a system with this card in mind possibly crossfire it with another.
  4. This looks like an OEM or a pre-manufacture sample, there is a blank space on the card where it states "P/N sticker goes here". Plus that part number gets 0 hits on google aside from your post. You may want to try contacting ATI, someone in their customer relation department may be able to find someone that can answer this.

    A handle that like I have seen lots of times in workstation-class computers on the higher-end Quadro and FireGL cards.

    Have you tried to take off the plastic cover and see what is on the board?

    AMD has a part lookup page, it could not find that part number.

    You have a neat mystery here.
  5. hang-the-9 said:

    Have you tried to take off the plastic cover and see what is on the board?


    I have indeed. There are no additional numbers or anything to indicate a brand or model. On the black piece itself there are some stuck on pads that match up to the underside of the memory on the card. I don't know if this is supposed to be some sort of cheap heat sink or just padding for protection.
  6. starkinsight said:
    I was given this card but I'm not sure what it is.

    P/N 102C0100810 000001

    I have the same part number card from a new Dell system. Windows reports it as an AMD Radeon HD 6700 series card. It's probably this OEM only version:

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