Installing a fan controller, how?


This is my first time to these forums so sorry if this is in the wrong place! :P

So basically I've got a new computer and I'd like to become a bit more able with handling computers. Next year, once I have the funds, I will build myself a gaming computer from scratch, but I figured I should probably get some practice first.

So I have decided to start with something that is, I'm sure, very basic to all of you, which is installing a fan controller to my new pc. The one in question is the NZXT Sentry Mesh - - which will fit my mesh-front desktop nicely.

I'm not asking anyone to give me an in-depth guide to installing it or anything, rather I would be appreciative of a link to a guide somewhere. The ones that I have found so far assume that you know a fair bit about how to meddle with the insides of a computer. I have never even taken the side off of a computer. Well, we all have to start somewhere, eh?

Any help would be appreciated.



P.s. Note that I have not yet bought the fan controller, but I shall once I am sure that it won't be too tricky for a beginner.
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