Should I uninstall a driver before updating it?

When I look at the latest drivers in my motherboard's site, I don't see any hints to uninstall the old driver before updating, anyway, should I uninstall drivers before updating them?

For example: if I uinstall a video card driver then if I reboot, I'd probably see only standard low resolution and then update from there, a bit risky isn't it?
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  1. No, not risky. Depending, you can use the (for Windows) Device Manager to update the driver.
    With Device Manager, open "Display Adapters", choose "properties", click the "Driver tab", then the "update driver button"--and you don't have to 'uninstall the old driver, first. With something like AMD Radeon graphics cards, though, I would use the ATI Catalyst Install Manager (and, personally, I'd use it to uninstall first, then install).
  2. I never saw there was an "update driver" option. I guess this option uninstalls then installs the driver. Neat answer, thanks!
  3. Cool mobo. Let me know if you have success (and don't forget to mark my "no, not risky" reply as "best answer").
  4. electronian: thanks for your answer. I'm still testing the mobo. When I bought it this summer I had to return it because it didn't work, they took about 3 weeks to give me a new one. I'm still testing all its features and so far I've had no problem.
    I can't set "best answer", I don't have that option, it seems when you post in the "question-answer" format you cannot, sorry and thanks ;)
    I'm in Madrid (Spain) Where're you?
  5. S'allright. Tell me, where is your S/PDIF port coming from? Your video card? Your sound card? I would be fantastic to be able to pipe blu-ray through to other rooms. Is it one you can hook an optical connection to?
  6. Hey, Rodion15.
    Sorry I got the last post mixed up with another post--my fingers were typing faster than my brain!
    I'm in the US, in Ohio, near Cincinnati. I hope your testing is going O.K.

    I'm wondering if I'm having mainboard problems, also. Once every couple of weeks or so, I get a blue-screen (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) with a "Kernel Power" Windows System Log critical error (something about rebooting again, before it had a chance to boot up all the way). I'm definitely using a lot of the computer knowledge I gained taking computer classes at the University of Cincinnati.
    I also took Spanish there. I hope to visit Madrid.
    ¡Buenas Suerte con su placa madre!
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