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Can someone explain how can a 880 motherboard supports 5.2 gt/s bus speed while a 970 motherboard supports 4.8 gt/s bus, isn't the 9 series made for bulldozer architecture which it's bus speed is 5.2 mt/s,13342.html

here are the motherboards i'm speaking of

so does that mean using the 880 motherboard is better than the 970?
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  1. The 880g is a faster chipset then the 970 but the 990fx is the same speed as the 880g , just the way they are made.
  2. The 970 is the budget segment while the 990FX and 880G is higher end.

    ITs the same with graphics cards. The 8800GTS Nvidia cards used to be faster than the 9800GT cards. Because the 8800GTS was the top of the range although it is older.
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