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Im interested in building a system for a PC to play WOW. If someone has any take on this build can you please let me know if its any good and if I can go cheeper without loosing quality?

2x 4096MB DDR3/1333 CompuStock CL9 Kit
560 nVIdia Asus ENGTX560 DCII-OC 2xDVI/HDMI/GDDRS/1024MB
500GB Seagate ST500DM002 16/S
CoolerMaster Centurion 5 II 0 Watt / zwart
LG GH22NS70 22x SATA/ bulk / zwart
1155 Intel Core i5 2300 95W 2,80GHz / BOX

Thank you for the time.
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  2. This is SPECIFICALLY for wow?
  3. well, not exactly. its more for heavy gamers!!even though i tolled the guy in the shop its for wow, he made me this build, saying its good for wow.
  4. corneliu said:
    well, not exactly. its more for heavy gamers!!even though i tolled the guy in the shop its for wow, he made me this build, saying its good for wow.

    What's your monitor's resolution and what's your budget?
  5. budget and resolution is a biggie. and we need to know what you DONT need, and what games you plan on playing. If WoW and LoL is your big games, you wont need a ton of high end graphics, a simple GTX560 with the Zogma cpu would be more than enough.
  6. the build you listed there is fine. I'd stretch it an extra $10 and get the i5-2400
  7. while playing wow on my mac book i had a resolution of 1280x768. but i would like to increase that. so i don't know what resolution i can use with this new build.
    budget is max 400eur, the guy made me a 660eur build, thats too much for me. he made me a good gamers computer build, not a specifically wow build.
    and for now i only plan to play wow, no other takes enough time..
    i do feel this budget is a bit much..thats why im asking if i can reduce costs
    thanks again all you for helping.
  8. my GTX 460 still rocks WoW try plus i got a Phemon x4 955 BE it should run it with about 50 FPS

    that will save you a lot of money
  9. If you don't know your monitor's resolution we can't may end up with an overkill pc..also we would like a store or sth....
  10. well my monitor is actually a sony bravia tv, the max resolution it gives me on my mac book is 2048x1536. so i asume its also the max resolution the tv would give me also through a pc... but i don't need to have this much resolution if it means extra costs. if it doesn't mean extra costs, then all its good.

    as far as a store, i don't know from where this guy in the pc shop would order the parts form, I just asked him...

    look the point is this: i was playing wow for 2 years on my mac book, and was getting lots of lag, of course. now if i wanna get back to this game, i just wanted a better computer and less lag, i don't need high end gaming computer just a good build that i can enjoy 25 man raiding, wintergrasp, Dalaran, without laging.
  11. oh, I forgot. my budget is max 450 eur.
  12. lag and fps are 2 TOTALLY different things. fps we can fix, lag is internet. Im guessing you meant the latter of the 2.

    i would recommend the Llano for this, as its $110 after promo code and includes a 6530 integrated gpu. For your budget, this will do nicely! i played WoW for over 2 years on a 4650, and i ran 25-mans with little to no hiccups on a 1400x900 res, and high graphics.

    With this, you can skimp on a power supply, and get a Seasonic 300W for $36, 80+ Bronze as well.

    4Gb of DDR3 is fine, and patriot Gamer 2 Series for $25 is a decent set for moderate gaming.

    Asrock has an FM1 mobo for $70

    Cooler Master Elite 430 Case for $40

    Western Digital 500Gb HDD 7200rpm for $40 after promo code

    LiteON with Lightscribe for $21

    $350 later (appr.), this build will handle WoW relatively easy. is where i found all of these items, and they will quote you for Euro as well i believe, its just i have a USA address.
  13. thank you so much for the build. i searched for all items on newegg and arrived at a much lower price then the guy offered me. more then half price. and yes i did mean fps. you go it right.

    your help is appreciated.
  14. Why a Llano build? It's better to get a Phenom II x4 and a discrete graphics card than a Llano.
  15. Because for WoW, you dont need heavy graphics, and the Llano x4 is plenty cpu power for the game. That being said, on a BUDGET build, you can not only skimp on the gpu which is expensive, you can get a micro atx board, a smaller case, a lower powered psu, and cut expenses with these by almost 35%. Thats why.
  16. WoW is more graphics intensive with the DX11 upgrade than it was before, at least at ULTRA settings.

    the originally posted build, but with an i5-2400 instead of 2300, and quality power supply around 500-550W will be a great build and will run WoW on Ultra at 1920x1080
  17. agreed...but the i5 would be a better buy due to longevity (OC potential). i5 2500k is only $205 on newegg right now. Thats an extra $15 for a lot more chip. I suggested the Llano though, because of my old system. With DX11, i can still run WoW on max settings with my 555BE (only 2 cores running) and a 4650 from Sapphire. I dont see how a quad core running at 3.0 with a moderate OC, and the integrated 6530 on there wont run the same if not better.
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