G1.Sniper M3 fan questions/issues

I just finished up my new build but am having a hard time getting the fans to work as desired. I have 3 pwm fans running off the system headers and am using a splitter w/molex off the cpu header to run the 2 cooler fans.

Problem 1: From what I can tell from the manual and the bios, the 3 system fans are grouped together. The problem is that fan 3 runs about 300 rpm faster than the other 2 (700-750 vs 1000). They do all respond to increases and decreases in ET6. Fans 1 and 2 are intakes and fan 3 is the only exhaust. They are all 120mm Cougar pwm fans. Any idea what's going on?

Problem 2: I can't figure out how to use the voltage settings to quiet the cpu cooler fans. I've set the bios CPU Fan Control setting to voltage and normal as is directed in the manual. I don't know where to set the desired voltage though. I can't find any settings in ET6 or Speedfan. They are 3 pin Noctua Nf-12p and are running at 1300rpm.

Appreciate the help.

If it helps, the case is a Silverstone PS07.
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  1. The Noctua NF-P12 are suppose to run at 1300 rpm, you have to use the resisted adapter to slow them down, they are not pwm fans.
  2. The question for those was aimed at how/can the motherboard voltage control the fans. There is a "Voltage" setting in the bios for "CPU fan control" so I was hoping it could be done.
  3. Not with a 3 pin fan connector, you should have went with all 5 fans with pwm control. Page 27 and page 56 of your manual tell you that.
  4. Can you link me to the copy you are looking at? The pages don't line up with the hard copy I have.

    Does the Voltage setting just act as a limiter like the LNA adapters, just for PWM fans?

    Also, the exhaust pwm is fairly close to the pull fan on the cooler. could the airflow from the noctua fan @1300 be causing the cougar to be running 300rpm faster? All 3 of the cougar fans are set to 35% in speedfan.
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