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CPU upgrade help.. not working or need more power ?

Got a used CPU processor to replace my older less adequate cpu

Original AM2+ (says 95W Thermal Power):

Replacement AM3 (what I got, which states 125W Thermal Power):

It looks great, no visual cues of wear and tear, but I can not get it to work. I know it's used and all. but I'm really hoping this guy was legit. He had a whole bunch of computer crap for sale in his garage so I'm thinking he's honest. My motherboard socket is AM2. From what I understand AM3 is widely supported in AM2/AM2+ sockets.

Now, what I notice is this:
With the original CPU (AM2+) my power button is lit up blue so it can be turned on and functional. But with the new replacement CPU (AM3) the light does not come on at all whatsoever. I can turn on the power and the fans, disc trays and other devices function, but I think that to be just basic functionality without a main brain. In this case the CPU. To me this would be a power issue right? But 30W only, is that enough to make a difference on an all stock PC?

The condition of the CPU looks great, came in original box, with original heatsink and manuals. If anyone has experienced this or maybe can diagnose this based on the symptoms listed above, I'd be very much appreciative. Thanks.

EDIT: Just saw this ---

Looks like it has to be under 89W to function on this motherboard I have. Is there any work around ? e.g. could I feed it more power
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  1. And no AM3 support listed either!
  2. I noticed that, but AM3 is supposed to be backwards compatible, it fits in just fine. I was thinking it was perhaps because AM3 was not available yet circa 2007 ? This pc is rather old.

    Quick check google check shows AM2 is compatible with AM3. Is it the wattage requirements an issue?
  3. The wattage is and not all motherboards AM2+ support AM3 CPU's! At minimum there has to be a BIOS update to allow for the upgrade.
  4. Yep, no BIOS updates on their site. Is there a way to circumvent this ? Custom BIOS? Or am I just better of getting a new motherboard. I'm just hoping the CPU isn't bad and I end up getting a motherboard for naught.
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    you are stuck.

    your motherboard can't use 125w cpus and also doesn't support am3 cpus in the bios.

    you'd need to just use your old cpu unless you want to upgrade motherboard.
  6. Looks like it. Thanks for the confirmation guys. I really appreciate the help.
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