Motherboard always Turns OFF!

Hi all,
I have an Asus P5E3 Pro in my storage build. Basically all this board does is use one of the ports to power a SAS exapnder and connect to another server - problem is it keeps dropping power to the SAS expander and the board turns off after a while. There are no drives connected to the board. My thought is to put DSL on it with a CF card, but to save one of my CF cards for my SLR, is there any way to make the board stay on forever without anything booted to it?
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  1. Hi,
    Some ideas:
    Try setting in BIOS, Power menu, Suspend mode to S1 and resume on PCI devices to Enabled.
    What you can also try is removing the CMOS battery with the power off. After inserting the CMOS battery and restarting, I guess that the system will indefinitely wait for F1.
    Or have the board booting Windows from a bootable USB memory stick and set in Power options to never put the computer to sleep.
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