Home build psu and hyper memory question

need advie on build,
i have at present
Coolermaster Storm Scout gamers case + 2 x coolmaster sickle fans
Ezcool 700watt tournado psu
amd phenomtm ii x4 965 black edition
ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 X2
Asus AM3 M4A87TD/USB3
4x4gb DDR3 1333mhz modules (with artic cooling)
250gb western digital sata 3 HDD
2TB Western digital sata 3
1 x dvd-r/w
1 x dvd-rom
win 7 home premium (full licence)
32" HD screen
logiteck laser desktop set

the 4870x2 i think died on me the other week, got a bsd, then wouldnt boot at all, no post, no bleeps, no signal, all the fans were on but nothing, non of the leds on back of card were lit up...
took card out, banged in a crappy card and bingo booted up fine,
i dont have another psu powerful enough to test card on, (i know the 700w psu i got is crap now), didn't know at time ezcol was a cheap make...
i did try the 4870x2 in another rig with a 450w psu, but the card wouldn't boot because not enough power 3 leds on card came up straight away...
i'm getting a thermaltake TPX-875m...
any chance it could just be the psu??
also the 1333mhz ddr3... is it worth going for 1066mhz??
i was looking at a asus GTX550ti... been told it will use some of the 16gb i got but only if i upgrade to 1066... any point???
i only play games like crysis 1 and 2, assassin's creed...

any and all advice greatfully recived
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  1. try booting your computer without the graphics card

  2. did that, removed card got 1 long bleep...

    i also tried removing all the RAM with card still in.... and got

    3 beeps gap 3 beeps,

    at the time i thought crap RAM issue.... but i took all 4 sticks out, tried in another rig i have and all are fine, and with the crappy ASUS NVIDIA® GeForce 210 512MB .... all works fine...

    thinking maybe fault on the pcie rail from psu??? also looking at reviews EZCOOL are crap.....
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