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Hey fellas,

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this thread but I'm just gonna go with it ha ha.

Well I'm just about to order two more monitors (1920x1200) for my current rig but before I do, I have a little question about eyefinity adapters.
My old man found a BizLink BZL-KS10009(B) display port adapter lying around at work and I wonder If this adapter would support an eyefinity set up?

The adapter itself doesn't have an external usb power or anything so I'm a tad skeptical.

My current system set up:
i5-750 (2.67GHz)
xfx 5850-black edition
4gB DDR3 (can't remember frequency sorry)
Gigabyte P55-Ud5 board.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64b

At what graphic settings/ frame rate do you think i will be able to handle at 5760 x 1200 for Battlefield 3 / Old republic?
Not really experienced at all with multiple displays so performance feedback from similar rigs on other games would be much appreciated.



**Yea the BizLink adapter wasn't active and so i went out and purchased an xfx one. Works great now.*/
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  1. i think the monitors themselves need to be plugged directly into your eyfinity card. your adapter would just take one signal and split it. you are looking for different signals.. Ex. mon1, mon2, mon3 as opposed to just mon1 split between mon1/mon2

    not 100% on this, but from what i read, i think i am correct. i am pretty sure your card would run 1 monitor on high, so 3,, perhaps medium settings? i dont know how multiple displays effect performance.
  2. Yea well the card would have monitor 1 + monitor 2 + adapter plugged directly into it and monitor 3 would be plugged into the adapter. Just not sure if the adapter can support a stretched (across three displays) resolution though. Ordered the screens anyhow.
  3. ok mon1 goes into slot1 on card, and mon2+mon3 are in the slot2 on the card via adapter? i hate to say it, but i dont think that will work.
    give it a shot though, maybe you get lucky.
    again, i am not expert, i just do not think that combo will work.
    may need a 3 slot eyefinity card. or just play on 2 monitors :(
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