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Case stickers/badges?

Hey guys, I just built my new system and in my rush to get it up and running I basically threw the stickers right on the front. Now with it sitting right beside me all day I'm starting to realize it looks very tacky. (The case is a CM Storm Enforcer and I put two stickers right below the logo on the front) So now I'm planning on moving them or at least removing them. One of them is actually a Corsair badge, a pretty thick one and the other is one of the Core i5 inside stickers. From what I've read so far it seems that a hair dryer is going to be my best bet for actually getting them off. The few questions I have are:

Will the hair dryer get the thick badge off?
Am I going to be able to stick these somewhere else on my case or will all the glue be gone?
If I can't restick them is there somewhere I can buy these things online?
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    The hair dryer just melts the adhesive, you'll still need a cocktail stick or something to get under the sticker but yes, it should still work on the Psu's badge
    And ebay is usually a good bet from manf. Stickers
  2. Thanks I'll probably just have to get some off ebay if I decide I want to put them back on but I didn't think about using a cocktail stick to get under the sticker. I was going to try to be very careful with a razor blade but I probably would have ended up scratching the case so thanks for that suggestion!
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