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Mixing Desktop Memory Models?

Im about to purchase my some new for my computer for the first time in a while and I'm looking to get 12gb.
I was about to pick up an 8gb pack along with a 4gb ram stick when I noticed the model numbers were different? Is that something to worry about? Should I just buy two 8gb packs?
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  1. For compatibility the motherboard and the CPU are important too. So, what models? And do not mix kits. 8GB are enough if not running memory demanding applications.
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    I would choose from these listed compatible kits (see all 4 pages)
    And again, either 2 similar kits or only one.
    And instead of 2 kits of 2x4, it's better 1 kit of 4x4.
  3. Well,it would an 8gb and a 4gb pack that would total out to the 12gb I wanted. The Corsair Vengeance I desire appears to be comparable.
  4. I wouldn't mix the kits. Why don't you go for a 4x4 kit? And why necessarily 12GB?
  5. Why is it that the 16gb set isn't compatible but the 8gb is?
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  7. When all 4 slots used, the load increases. That's why it's better to use kits recommended by the manufacturer. They have been tested and are guaranteed to work with the board.
  8. I noted that the sticks I was going to purchase werent DDR 3 1866 like recommended. Thanks for the head up.
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