1st build: $700? budget

I had decided to wait and see if Bulldozer would cause Intel's prices to shift. I'm sure ya'll know how THAT turned out...

Country: USA

Purchase Date: soon

Primary uses: Gaming

Budget: $700 or less before rebates.

Prefer: Newegg and Amazon

Overclocking: Once warranties expire or I need more performance

SLI: not now

Looking for USB 3 header on the mobo. I believe USB 3 will grow in popularity and I want front USB 3 eventually without running wires from the back of the comp. to the front.

Parts not needed (already own):
Monitor (1280*1024)
Keyboard & Mouse
5.1 speakers
PSU (Corsair GS600)
Graphics card (TRUE Nvidia GTS 450) (Say what you want, this thing kicks butt coming from a old Nvidia 6800)
Hard Drive (WD Cav. Blue 500GB)

Current selections:
Tower: []Rosewill CHALLENGER U3
CPU: i5 2500K combo
Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 LGA 1155 (not the best overclock-er, I know)
CPU Cooler: CM 212+
Ram: Corsair 2x4GB 1600
Optical: SAMSUNG CD/DVD Burner (Don't need blue ray yet.)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64
USB3 header to case: Will eventually get. They are kind of hard to find now. CM has some bay devices for their HAF cases and Lian Li has... something.

The last thing I'm debating: A 64GB Boot Drive. I know the advantages, and that my HDD is not exactly high performance. But, is that really worth $110 extra. Coming from a Pentium D I am tired of 10 min boot times for XP and everything I've acclimated over the years. It's a tempting buy.
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  1. For a boot drive? absolutely not. That is all about the difference of you have draw string pants tied and a button/zipper combo. It still takes time, and for your budget, its not worth the upgrade. a good 7200RPM drive will perform, imo, much better for the price.
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    the challenger U3 will work for a front USB 3 case.

    the only other thing I'd suggest is you want a better monitor than 1280x1024.

    This PSU is a better match to your graphics card:

    this has a little more power

    both are the same price through tomorrow

    thsi HD 6770 is a better card for about the same price

    a great monitor for $110, if you can swing it:
  3. @ Bear95
    Good RAM Deal, but would the large 212+/evo fit over them? That is one reason I was avoiding large heat spreaders. And doesn't 1333 cas 8 run like 1600 cas9? I've studied ram and timings. The evo is out, but for my needs the 212+ more than good enough. The evo even caused the price to drop some. ;-)

    @ Screwy Sqrl
    I like the challenger U3. Didn't know that existed. The PSU I already have, so no new one. I'm also keeping this monitor until I need another one or can afford one AND a better graphics card. For personal preference reasons I'm sticking with Nvidia (WAY better driver update). EDIT: Ooo... /Small Win7 combo! Save $5

    Perhaps your right. I just don't want to decide later to get one and have to switch Windows over to a new SSD. Still, $110 seems a little steep.
  4. Ok, I cant argue with the value of 8GB for $50. However I went with a different set (Corsair) because it better matches the mobo color scheme. I still find it ridiculous that 2x4GB sticks=$50 while one 8GB tick goes for $200+.
  5. This is simple. People who only have say, 2 DDR3 ports and need 16GB are at a large disadvantage from those with 4 slots. Item and Demand. They have it, some people want/need it, and since thats their only option, they can...plain and simple.

    I would imagine it takes a lot more technical ability to create double the amount of memory at the same speed on the same size chip...might be an issue with architecture that is just a lot more expensive, as well as a higher fail rate (higher loss margin per sellable product).
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  7. Thanks for the Help. ScrewySqrl was the most helpful for directing me to the U3 case, so he gets the solution award. Components ordered and in process.
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