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Hey guys!

So I do have a problem. I built my first computer over the summer. Everything was going great, no problems installing OS, or drivers, or games. Able to play Crysis on Ultra High, for hours and no problem. Then Fall Semester came around, and I headed back up to school ( go to school in DC, originally from Texas ) and shipped my build with me. Ofc, something went wrong during that transportation period, because once I set up my desktop I encountered some problems. First was a "Sync Flood Error", that I would receive after 15 minutes or so, and I would also experience some "fluttery white lines" going horizontal across my screen, and it would sometimes put the side of my screen into the middle of my screen. I replaced both the motherboard and Graphics Card, as they were both under warranty. Replacements came, and I put it all together again. Booted up fine, able to do everything I was to before!! Turned it off for the night, and then the next morning, I tried to boot up, and it would not show up on my monitor. I've tried a lot to get this fixed such as placing GPU in other PCI-E slot and getting new DVI-D cable. Also does not work with HDMI cable. Monitor does work on friends computer.

Some things I notice:
If I turn off and on the monitor while the system is on, it goes through my different inputs. It will say "scanning" on my DVI tab for about 3 sec, before it moves on and says " no signal" and then it will quickly say "no signal" for my other 2 inputs ( VGA and HDMI ). I can see that it is recognizing that a cable is inputed, but it just receives no signal.
My fans on my GPU are spinning, and is all the way inserted into the PCI-E slot.
If I turn on the system, I can hear windows starting up and am able to place in my password and get into windows ( running W7 ). It's almost as if everything else is working, it's just that I am not getting a picture what so ever.

This is just frustrating, bc I though I figured this out!!! I had it fixed ( or so I thought ), only to have this come up right after.


AMD-3.3 hexcore CPU
Radeon 6870 GPU
8gb ram
Thermaltake 650 W PSU

If you need any other information or ANYTHING, please let me know. I really want to get this sorted out!

Thank you in advance for any help. I really do appreciate it.
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  1. Hi, electronics typically have a very high failure rate during the first few hours of operation (thus a burn-in period before going production for high end stuff). It's very possible that the video card failed. Do you have an alternative video card you can try?

    No video in the BIOS says this is not a software issue.

    Does the HD6870 have a second video port you can try -- often there are two DVI ports (you already swapped the cables and proved the monitor is good). Will your monitor support a VGA connection?

    Aside: new MB, new video, old PSU. Do you have a second PSU you can try?
  2. Thanks for your reply!

    I can ask my friend to try out his video card tomorrow sometime. I figured it would be a hardware issue. I did try both DVI ports on the HD6870, but to no success.

    My monitor does support a VGA connection. I will get a VGA cable tomorrow to test this.

    I will post back tomorrow after I complete the above.

    I do not have a second PSU, but is that really a concern at this point?

    Thanks again!!
  3. If something is killing your video cards there are very few options for the villian. Heat wouldn't kill them this quickly. But a bad power supply would (voltage out of spec). So would an aggressive overclock, but you would have mentioned that. Thus the question on having a second power supply. I'm not a power supply person, but thought that Thermaltake was a decent brand. Not sure how to tell if the particular PSU is bad, maybe someone else can post.
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