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I have been looking into building my own PC for quite some time now, and now that im ready i cant seem to decide on which processor/motherboard to get. I don't have a budget and dont have any parts purchased yet. THe processor's i have been looking at are the Intel i7 2600k or the i7 990x Extreme. My question to you is whether its worth going with the 990x or just to grab the 2600k. My primary use of this cpu is going to be intense gaming. Another question is would it be beneficial to wait till November till the LGA2011 processors are released and then grab one of those. Any advice on which processors would be best is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. i mean you should wait, after all patience is a virtue, and if its a bust you can snag a 2600k for a lower price :D
  2. 2600K is the choice now, wait and that choice will change. Your call, but it will always change the longer you wait, what is the point?
  3. I don't see why would anyone pick 2600k over 2500k for gaming.
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