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Short Term Substitute for ASUS GTX590

I'm completing new build, and having trouble finding an ASUS GTX590. Don't want to pay over £600, and at this price all suppliers are 'Out of Stock'.
Had to cancel 'Amazon' as they can't give me a delivery date.
I'm going to check possible suppliers over the next seven days, and if no joy, will buy a cheaper substitute that will be OK for the next year or two, (say costing £200 to £300).
On this basis can you recommend the an appropriate card based on the following spec.

Chassis - Coolmaster HAF-X Nvidia Ed.
CPU - Intel i7-2600k
MoBo - ASUS p8p67 - Delux R3
PSU - Corsair HX1050
Memory - Crucial 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 - DIMM
SSD - Corsair GT 120gb
HDD - WD 10 EARX - 1tb
Optical - LiteOn iHBS212 - (bluray)
- LiteOn iHAS324
Audio - Xonar DX
OS - Windows7 Ultimate

I prefer a single card, not taking up more than two slots, and not more than 11'' long.
Thanks in advance.
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    A cheap 560ti or a second hand 480/570 can be found on eBay for less than $300 and the 480 is getting to be rather cheap these days around $225 but with UK prices and Vat I think that you will be looking at a 560ti instead.
  2. Thanks nforce, I did once upon a time consider 2x560Ti's in sli, so I already know price at about £180. Will give this due consideration.
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