Does this computer meet the standards?

I am building a new computer and so far no one has quite answered my questions. Can this run the following games:
Crysis 1, 2, warhead
Bf3 beta+bf2 bad company
Metro 2033
Black ops
Mirrors edge
Gta 4

Phenom iix4 840 @3.2ghz
500g hdd
Radeon 5670 ddr5 1gb
500w psu
4g ram
Idk the mobo

My resolution is going to be,1024x768
Can I run the games listed above at atleast medium without lag? Please don't just give me the requirements or can I run it. I want to hear what you think. Thanks!
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    At that res you should have no problems, maybe even max on some titles,
    But a visit to a 'canIplaythis' site will tell you as much, gfx card could be better but at 1024 its not important
  2. hi im new to site and want to friends lol but i have this cpu @3.6 and love it im no tech and on my first build new to party just looking on topics on this cpu so priced well at microcenter
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