Confusing cpu temperature reads using Core Temp, Speedfan, and AI Suit


I am getting very confusing CPU temp readings using the three programs mentioned above in the title.

During idle, Core Temp recrods 20-30ish C for my cores, AI suite II records 20-30ish for CPU while Speedfan records a whopping high of 86C for my CPU

While running prime 95 for 5 minutes, Core temps record 40-50ish for cores, AI suite II records 30-40ish for CPU, and Speedfan records 46C

I have attached the screencaps of the readings so feel free to view them.

I am very confused and particularly concerned about Speedfan's idle reading of 86C. How can my CPU's temperature be lower when loading than idle!? Which one of these programs should I trust?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. its most likely a misread, it shows the internal cores further down at 30C so dont worry about it
  2. I use Core Temp in my desktop gadget:

    Works great...
  3. i dont think its possible for there to be a 50C difference between the heatspreader and the internal core, almost all the programs get the temps from the same place so the program you use is really irrelevant
  4. there is actually a problem with the sensors, dont worry about it

    on my cpu for example it says around 35 oC in bios

    then 35oC in hw moniter but the cpuinte or whatever says 115oC

    i know this cant happen because cpu would start throttling or shutdown way before then

    for an example ill post my temps at the moment

    systin 17oC
    cputin 126oC
    auxtin 70oC

    cpu temps

    core 0 41oC
    core 1 33oC
    core 2 37oC
    core 3 34oC
    core 4 42oC

    i know that for some reason the sensor dosnt work properly with the software. and there hasnt been an updated bios in months so unlikely it will be fixed soon
  5. There may be several devices that are being read by speedfan, some AKXXX for instance may not be important.
  6. Remember, what is actually being read is the distance from the CPU thermal limit. Based on that distance, you can "guess" what the temperature should be. Problem is, the thermal limit of the CPU si not always known, hence why different software can give different results.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys! I will ignore speedfan from now on :D
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