Pc in one room, tv monitor in another.. best control solution?

So I'm going to stick a PC in one room and in the adjacent room is my bedroom with large TV where I'll watch movies/shows etc.. What is the best solution to control everything?

I was thinking bluetooth mouse? Maybe my iphone for the keyboard, if that's possible?
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  1. do you have your pc already plugged into the tv?
    you can buy a remote and media card for your computer or wireless mouse and keys would also work.
  2. I do not have the PC built yet but it will have HDMI so I'm going to run an HDMI to the TV.

    remote and media card? Without line of sight?
  3. What you want is media center software like XBMC (xbmc.org) or Plex (plexapp.com)

    They give you a great interface to view content on your TV and allow you to control your media center using an iOS/Android app.
    You can also have your movie collection sitting on one PC and stream it to all other devices on your network, including Xbox 360, iOS/Android devices or jailbroken AppleTV.
    You can even run the media server on some NAS servers.
  4. my TV is an LG 46" that came out like in 2010 or 2009 I believe and it has that home media connection software built in I think.. forgot what it's called though
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