Problem with wireless adapter or access point

Hello,I cannot connect through my wireless router (Netgear WNDR3700) WITH MY INSPIRION DUO. I can connect with a verizon MYFI wireless card, and alo through ethernet on Duo. I get "Problem with wireless adpter or access point" The software driver is newest. System ism W7 Home premium
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  1. Neither Verizon card not the ethernet connection will help trouble-shoot the issue, aside from letting us know that the router and modem are working.

    Have you setup the wireless connection on the Netgear? Go into it's setup page if you have not, will be able to connect through ehternet. Configre your security, password, etc.. (suggest you use EPA2-PSK or EAS). Then open up the wireless connection manager on the laptop and connect to the wireless connection from your router. Enter the passcode you set when it asks you to.
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