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Need help deciding case

Hello I have all my stuff picked out but these new cases keep popping up and I need expericed opiions on this.
I am looking at getting either a:
Cooler Master Storm Trooper


Thermaltake Overseer RX-1

What I'm looking for is: good fan air travel, keeps system at good tempeture, spacious I have an Asus 6970 DCII video card its huge I want them to fit and removable dust filters (although I could just add some myself).
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  1. Cooler Master Storm Trooper

  2. nice case. personally i went for antec 300 (psu at bottem so pulls heat just from graphics card

    then 1 fan on top, 1 on back and 2 intake in front

    the front panel has very simple clips that you press with side of case off (thumb screws to open it)

    then it is removed easily)

    if thats your budget would recomend antec 1200 though (3 intake fans onfront,1 on top and 2 on back)
  3. Unless your putting some kind of monster build in here.....seriously don't waste so much of your budget on the case......

    A cheaper mid-tower ATX case would be more than suitable and would likely leave you enough spare ££/$$ to upgrade your GPU or add an SSD/get bigger SSD.

    What is the rest of the build out of interest?

  4. mobo: Asus ROG Maximus IV Extreme-Z

    Cpu: Intel i5 2500k I Have this already this 70 bucks cheaper($162 w/tax ,new Costa Rica batch

    Gpu: Asus 6970 EAHDCII / MSI gfx560ti Hawk (I already have these too one from previous build and the other from buddy. They work fine I tested them)

    Psu: SeaSonic X750w gold

    Ram: G.Skills Ripjaws X 8gb(2x4gb)

    SSD(boot drive):Intel 320 80gb

    HDD: Samsung Spinoint F3 1tb

    Fan:CM Hyper 212+

    Display:Asus 12.5 VH226H

    32inch lcd tv Symphonica

    Optoma TH1020 1080P 1920x1080

    Already have lcd tv and projector.
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    I think this is the first build I think I've seen on TOMs where someone is actually buying an E-ATX motherboard to use with a FULL TOWER case :) Congratulations :) My vote is for the Storm Trooper between the two options.

    You should MAYBE *depending how much effort is involved* consider selling the 6970 and 560Ti and grabbing a new 7970?

    New 6970: $380
    New 560Ti: $270
    Total: $650
    New 7970: $550
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