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No internet options

hey everyone,
Its been quite awhile since Ive posted butt ive got a problem I cant seem to solve.

I must have picked up a worm or something cause I lost my internet options on IE8. Im on windows XP and what happens is it flashes and doesnt comeup, and Ive also lost access to two or three sites that I used to post on, Any help would be appreciated,

Ive also got MF and I can access options on this, but its not the same as IE internet options I dont like it as much,
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    Try uninstalling IE8 and downgrading to IE6, see if you get the options, if so update it back to 8 again and it will likely re-appear.

    Alternatively disable I.E in add and remove programs -> add/remove windows component. Reboot the machine, re-enable it then reboot again.

    Try either of these as I.E might just need a good kick into gear.
  2. I.E needs a good kick into touch!

    On another note, have you recently installed any updates? if so try using system restore.

    Start Menu > Search > All Files and Folders > System Restore

    Run the restore wizard and restore from the last restore point. I
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  4. I tried this but it would not uninstall IE8! Unbelievable but yes, It would not uninstall, it said irreperable damage would occur , etc, but I will try again and try to upload IE6, get back to you
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