How hard is it to build a pc

I got all my parts picked out and now i'm just thinking about how hard its going to be. I'm a bit scared i'm going to mess something up.
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  1. use product manuals.take expert advices.and still if you are confused,
    then go to will find your answer. in fact,building a computer is
    a real fun and interesting thing to of luck
  2. yes its fun to build a pc but you will have to chose the right part carefully
  3. Tom's will help.

    >>>THE GUIDE<<<
  4. Its easy to build harder to choose the parts if you dont know what your looking for
  5. I was look at building the computer from toms September $550 build except possibly buying a different psu. So I hope everything would be compatible.
  6. Another questions I had was if I order all the parts from the build would I still need to buy the cables or would the come with
  7. All the cables that you will need to do a basic build will be included in the motherboard box.
  8. As one person said, it is easy to build (put the pieces together like a puzzle) and harder to choose (make sure you are buying right mobo to go with the CPU you like, the right ram for the mobo/cpu combo you've chosen, etc).

    However, if you get a part that is DOA or is defective you have to have the right skill set/knowledge to troubleshoot the problem effectively. Not trying to scare you off from your first build because it is how you will gain said knowledge, in the meantime places like this are here to help if you get stuck :)

    Edit was for a typo that I was too anal to let go :-P
  9. Thank you I appreciate all your help. I'm about to put in the order right now. I'll keep my fingers crossed I don't mess up lol.
  10. for a visual guide,
    just so you know your not forcing things too hard lol, I think P2 is the actual build episode though, well worth you watching this one as well though,
    We're here for any questions/wonders/ reassurance BEFORE you buy, we can't do much once you've bought a 1366 socket chip for an Amd 2+ Mobo lol,
    whats the different psu? any reason behind changing it out or just preference/budget?
    **Aah, too late maybe, I think you've ordered it already hehe, U.K. time difference :P
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