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I have a problem! Previous upon booting my PC i was given the option to load in Windows XP or Windows 7, i needed this option because windows 7 caused my pc to crash (not the problem) so i just used windows xp. But upon inserting my new graphics card (HD 6870) it does not give me an option, it automatically loads windows 7 and causes my pc to crash. After re-inserting my old graphics card the option returns and i can load XP perfectly fine.

Totally stumped for ideas, any1 got a clue what could be wrong?
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  1. I wouldn't suggest running XP.DX11 isn't avaible in XP and it would downgrade the performance of the 6870.

    Why did the Windows 7 version suddenly start crashing?Did you have the Windows 7 back-up utility setup?(Will auto back-up files once a week when it's idle.)
  2. I don't see how what video card you are using could affect whether or not the Windows boot loader is displayed... Does the HD6870 just not give a signal until Windows starts loading or something?
  3. Conflicting drivers maybe.
  4. Drivers are loaded with Windows. They cannot conflict before then.
  5. Why do you have Windows XP and Windows 7 on the same HDD?

    Try staring Windows 7 in Safe Mode and see if you can get in that way.If you get in use the Repair Utility and see if Windows can fix what problem is occuring.If that doesn't work just boot from the Windows 7 CD and use that Repair Utility.
  6. So windows 7 was crashing and you just gave up and installed XP on a partition? Why not try to fix the problem? With the old card does the screen say something like " If you dont make a choice in 10 seconds the computer will start with windows 7" Possibly as stated your just not seeing the screen untill the computer has chosen for you?
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