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I was working on my first built this past weekend. It boot up just fine, but when I tried to install Windows7 it shutdown while loading the installation about 1-2 mins.

My system is Intel core i5, has Gigabyte z68 motherboard and Apevia 700W. I do not have any fancy video card install yet (planned to add that later) so it shouldn't be the PSU that's causing problem.

I tried to think of what might have went wrong when I was putting things together. I lifted the heatsink fan up after I first put it down for test boot so the thermal paste wasn't spread that well... I guess. I didn't reapply the thermal paste..... Can the uneven paste cause the shut down or it's something bigger?

Thanks you.
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  1. It might be that your CPU is overheating when installing the OS. And you stated that you lifted the heatsink fan. Remove it again and apply a thermal paste.
  2. Okay, I will buy some thermal paste and try that.... Thanks! I never know the CPU heat up so fast :( Any suggestion on which thermal paste I should get?
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