Computer wont turn on after power outage

I have a surge protector with many plugs plugged into it. My computer uses a 1200W PSU, (yes it eats a lot of power) and recently I left my computer on for a while, it was downloading something, and when I went back to check on it it had shut down. I didn't think much of it and went to sleep.

Later my wife told me that all the power in the computer room only, power in the rest of the house was fine, had gone out. She checked the circuit box and said the switch for the computer room was in a strange position and she reset it.

The power is now working in my computer room but nothing happens when I switch on the computer. I tried different outlets on the wall and different power cords, I now need to try switching in my old power supply but will have to wait till later to find it. But the thing is that the on off switch on the power supply lights up depending on if the switch is on or off so maybe its not the power supply. If its the mobo I'm just gonna get a new computer.

My question is why did the power only go out of the computer room? Does it have to do with the fact that my pc is so power hungry (its a i7 960 overclocked to 4 ghz had to increase the voltage quite a bit, and has 2 gtx 480s) and it was plugged into 1 power surge protector/extension unit with so many other electrical devices? It was working fine for a while now. I know its most likely the psu or the mobo, I was just wondering other peoples opinions might be. Thanks.
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  1. Are the voltages set correctly on your power supply?
  2. If you think your PC power useage is an issue with your outlet then you maybe mistaken as most properly installed power outlets can handle air conditioning and heating appliances upto around 3kW, most circuit breakers trip when there is a leak to earth/ground from live or neutral wires/connections/appliances, as for testing your PC or PSU, you are going to have to swap PSUs around to see whether its you Motherboard, PSU or other components.
  3. If there is a circuit breaker then power can fail to your computer room. When high amp comes, switch automatically off to save electronic device.

    Latest psu have many protection like, high current, over voltage, sort circuit. There will be a fuse in psu that might fail. Check your computer with another psu. May be your mobo is fine. If fuse in psu fail then you can replace with new one.

    Thats what i thought. Maybe your issue is different. But check it.
  4. As previously mentioned, it could be a circuit breaker. In our house we have 2 circuits, one upstairs and one down. If a light bulb for example blows upstairs, all of the upstairs lights go out. A switch on the fuse box must be flicked back on in order to restore power.

    Check the wall outlet is still providing power (not using the surge plug/multi plug) plug something directly into the wall.

    I would also advise if your PC is very power hungry (1200w PSU), plug it directly into a wall socket/single surge protected plug. Using a multi plug with lots of power hungry devices is bound to cause issues at some point.

    As previously mentioned, check fuses in both the surge plug and the PSU.
  5. Sometimes the power spike that comes after power is restored can damage electronics. The first line of defense is the psu, so its potentially damaged.
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