How to install windows no boot device detected. help Me Please!!

Hi all, I might have posted this elsewhere, I posted again because I couldnt find it, feel free to remove the other!

This is my setup:

SSD Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SATA3
MOBO AND CPU Asrock Fatality Z68 Pro (GEN3) and i5 2500k
CPU COOLER Cooler Master V6GT
RAM G-Skill RipJawX 1600MHz CL9 8GB
GRAPHICS CARD MSI N580GTX Lightning Edition 1.5gb
CASE CoolerMaster Haf X
DRIVE LG CH12LS28 12x Blu-Ray Combo
PSU Corsiar HX1050 Fully Modular Power Supply
HDD Seagate 2TB XT 64MB 7200RPM

I've just finished building my pc and I'm a bit co friars on how to install windows. When the splash screen comes i press f11 to get to boot order and it says "no boot device detected" If I then select configuration it takes me to the same bios menu that I get if i dont press f11 in the beginning. Ive plugge in my optical drive Into the sata 3 port on the mobo. It's an LG CH12 combo drie. Help?
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More about install windows boot device detected please
  1. have you plugged in the power leads and the data leads to the dvd and the SSD?

    BIOS should have the devices listed . Set the DVD to be the first boot device .
    Place the disk in the drive and hit reset
  2. Anyone?
  3. I have plugged in the data and power cables and in the boot menu there is no drives showing up.
  4. Well, have you checked that the SSD and Bluray drive are detected in the bios?
    if not - then check the power/sata cable that they are plugged in properly...

    If they are detecting then go to boot order set your Bluray to first (SSD to second to avoid future problems - otherwise it tries to boot from the 2tb) - insert the windows DVD and then just wait for the famous "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD ." if this comes up, press any key and then you should know the rest....

    hope you get to install your new pc ;)
  5. okay if the power and data cables are plugged in check in your bios what the SATA mode is set to...
    It should be viewable in the bios like this (under Advanced)
    Then ull get options
    Sata (mode) - (AHCI/SATA/IDE)

    I think it will be set on SATA, try setting it to IDE and then it should detect your drives..
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    Try plugging your optical drive into one of your other SATA ports. You said it was plugged into a SATA 3 port (SATA 6Gb/s). You really don't need to have your blu-ray player in a SATA 3 port when it isn't a SATA 3 drive.

    The Z68 chipset has two native SATA 3 ports, while the other two on your board use a separate controller that may not turned on or detecting your drive. If none of those work, try a SATA 2 port.

    If none of that works, it's likely a settings in your BIOS that is incorrect like dork_police is saying. Assuming you are installing Windows 7, AHCI would be your best setting.
  7. Hi guys, all i did was move all of the sata cables around, Im ashamed to say I have no idea which one I moved where, and the bios recognised all the drives. Im a bit confused as to why this happened, but as long as it works Im fine :)
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