Llano 3870K - Amazing peice of kit

AMD has a beacon of light it would seem

The 3870K - I want one.

An Integrated GPU with 400 Cores that can be overclocked with the CPU - (Guru 3D reports 900Mhz to 1000Mhz acheivable on the GPU)

The CPU itself performs clock for clock on par with the Phenom IIs (WTF) and can be overclocked to between 3.6 and 4Ghz with decent air cooling.

I have a distinct feeling that within the next few months Im going to buy one of these with an ASUS 6670 for Hybrid Xfire and a Hyper 212 EVO and OC the hell out of both the APU and the Discrete GPU. I want to be playing BF3 DX11 on high @ 1280x720. This should be a helluva lot of fun.

If I don't I'll be waiting for trininty APUs to come out and see if they outperform Llano - cause if they do I'll be VERY impressed. Cause by the looks/sounds of it, these APUs are extremely good.

In a world dominated by 2500ks, is there a place for Llano in your heart folks?

TL:DR - APU that OCs to 4Ghz/1000Mhz - Geif - Thoughts?
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  1. Unfortunately, I would advise most people not to buy Llano at this point in time. Llano is socket FM1 and there is no upgrade path because it's successor, Trinity, will be socket FM2. If you don't plan on upgrading or don't care about upgrading, then sure if Llano meets your requirements, then there's no reason not to buy it.

    I would say the CPU performance is a little slower than the Phenom II, but not by much. Llano has a tweaked Athlon II CPU core so Llano's performance is actually between the Athlon II and Phenom II.

    If you are going to wait a few months, then you might as well wait for Trinity. Not sure when Trinity is coming out though, but I assume AMD will tweak the Bulldozer core to address some performance issues. Not to mention that the Trinity should have a graphics core based on the Radeon Hd 7xxx series so graphics performance should be better.

    I think the current graphics core in the Llano A8 series is roughly equal to the Radeon HD 5570 (or maybe slightly better). Perhaps Trinity's best graphics core will be equivalent to a Radeon HD 5650 or HD 5670.
  2. and you can crossfire it with some mid level gpus
  3. I believe the fastest card that can work in Hybrid XFire is the Radeon HD 6670. I have not seen any benchmarks, but I would guess the result would be a little faster than a Radeon HD 6750.
  4. i would get a i3 2100 if it is sollely for gaming purposes.and yes its a dead path.
  5. I'd love one to play around with, but as people have said it's not a great choice for building a new gaming system.
  6. it is a great OEM CPU. And very good for a lappy ( the laptop version ). For a normal corporate computer also (OEM).

    And that's it. Nothing extraordinary but decent all around. But not the 3870K. More like the 3300 and 3400 offer good value. The Quad 3500 also offer decent value. The top ones are only halo products. If we could call them that.
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