P4 dual processor CPU statup problem

Hi friends, I have pentium 4 dual processor(3.2 GHz each) CPU.Since last week when I power on my PC it takes few second delay after power on and then it start up.My question is that why this delay occur after power on as i am using this system since last 3 years but i never faced this problem.Please suggest me best reason and solution.Thanks
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  1. hmmm.. i dont think its a dual core but that's not your problem, have you overclocked your cpu, it generally takes a little more time to boot if you have oc'ed your cpu.
  2. my CPU is not overclocked and its problem is not related to slow boot up.Problem is that when i power on my cpu its power LED(as you know this LED is along with push button switch of CPU)get on after few seconds and boot process starts after LED's ON while LED should on instantaneously as i power on from switch board.
  3. power supply is failing in all probablility, its getting old.
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