LOL (amd phenom II x2, ati 4850)

Hi guys. im gonna ask you a question. my old pc specs was like following
amd phenom II x2 @ 3.1 gthz (oc to 3.4)
ATI HIS 4850 512 mb
as rock glan mobo
8gbs of ddr2 ram
1tb harddrive
16x dvd drive (8 x burn/write)

and i was able to max out all and i mean ALL specs on metro 2033 (exept AF and AA af x8 aa x4)

i got 45 fps at 1600 x 1200

and i see people that cant get 30 and even got less than 20 fps whit all maxed whit an 6950/6970

i dont see how thats possible?

im like wtf now lol
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  1. it is because you cannot run the game in directx 11(when other people with modern cards can) and therefore run the game in directx 9 or 10 which is less demanding.
  2. hmm that tells the whole story
  3. It could be bottlenecks, maxing out the game at 1080P (I mean everything here). Can you take a screenshot of your settings or gameplay? I'm as surprised as well, but a pic will valid whether it is true or not.
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