CPU compatibility? (Im a totaly noob at this)

Hi all.

Ok. Im looking to upgrade my CPU from an Intel core 2 duo to maybe an AMD phenom x4 9850.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the AMD one is compatible with my motherboard. Its an ASUS P5QL/EPU iP43

Iv not replaced components myself before, nor am im a clued up on parts, so Im not 100% sure on compatibility of things :os

I don't have a huge budget (£60-90 max), so basically need something that is better than what I already have, which is compatible with the other parts I have, and will support light gaming. (if I can game with the cpu I have now, Im assuming a quad or x4 will be better in general?)

OS is windows 7 64bit
Graphics card is a Radeon HD 5750
Ram is 4GB DDR2 1066MHz (getting 2gb more next month)

Thank you in advance for your help :o)
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  1. Compatible Processors: Celeron , Celeron 400 sequence , Core 2 Duo , Core 2 Extreme , Core 2 Quad , Pentium , Pentium 4 , Pentium D
  2. Aaah ok :o/
    Do you have any ideas of a better compatible CPU in my price range? Its doing my head in trying to work out what Im looking for :??: Difficult when you dont have a clue about these things
  3. What do you do? Do you use programs and/or games that utilize quad core? Also precisely what chip do you have at the moment?
  4. Its basically for games to be honest.
    I'v started getting client lag with a couple of games, and the computer does that horrid 'thinking' noise. Been told I should upgrade the processor and it should work a hell of a lot better.
    Did a check on the 'can I run this' site for the main game I play (APB:R) and I passed everything for the recommended hardware, apart from the processor.
  5. Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 Wolfdale 3.06GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W... you can find that for about 140 US dollars or 90 pounds if you are looking for dual core... Not sure how different the prices are over there though.

    Honestly unless you really need to upgrade I would save up for a better overall build... Quad core CPU's will probably be mainstream pretty soon, I would save up. I personally would recommend saving up for a LGA 1155 mobo and getting i5 2500k.
  6. Hi Jinn. We have the same socket though I got C2Q6600. There isnt really much upgrade for 142$ (converted :P). But a Q9300 @2,5Ghz http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116431 is at 139$ atm (around 88£). If you can o/c to 3ghz+ its the best option available for your budget. But you should consider not to buy extra memory and keep the money for memory and cpu and go for a sandybridge cpu+mobo+memory. A core i3 4gb p67 setup shouldnt cost more than 130£ (and will rock in games).
  7. Its funny you should say about the yorkfeild cpu .. iv just been looking at one online! (though no idea how to overclock)

    The extra ram isn't overly important to be fair, I can do without it for a while longer, I think its the CPU that needs sorting first.

    I have never replaced parts, or know anything about these things ... like I said, Im a TOTAL noob with all this stuff, so things have to be explained to me in laymands terms :??:

    Iv seen the i3 cpu's. I wasn't sure if they'd work with my motherboard though.
  8. Well about the sandybridge I was saying to change your cpu, you motherboard and your ram which would cost around 130£ (for core i3 4gb p67 setup). Changing cpu now 90£ and puting 2gb more ddr2 ram +35£ means 125£. So I suggest you should just wait a bit and take the sandybridge :). On the other hand even with no o/c (since you dont know how to do it) a core2quad is still a good value for gaming.
  9. Well if you change mobo I would seriously recommend getting LGA 1155 socket and i5 2500, I hear you can find it for 150ish dollars on sale. And it is currently one of the best gaming cpus on the market.
  10. okay - you have a socket 775 motherboard, which means you can only drop a socket 775 cpu into ur motherboard...
    I would not recommend upgrading to a bigger socket 775 cpu atm because they are reaching the end of their life span..
    I would rather, as Memnarchon has said, save up and buy a completely new motherboard+cpu+ram

    as you have an old socket 775 motherboard (doesn't support ddr3) and all new boards only support ddr3...

    hope this helps
  11. Yours is an Intel mobo. You cannot use an AMD CPU.

    I'm pretty sure your RAM has to be matched DIMMs. They come as a set, and you have two DIMM sockets, so you won't be able to add 2GB to your present 4. Anyhow, 4GB is fine for gaming.

    I myself am throwing a few bucks (quid) at a CPU upgrade right now, going from a Phenom 9950 to a Phenom II 965, so I support your move. It's cost-efficient way to milk a few more drops of fps from a tired old cow mobo. Motherboard manufacturers have websites where they give you all sorts of information and downloads for their boards. Here is the one for yours, specifically the CPU page. The higher BIOS numbers will be the newer CPUs. You might even have to flash the BIOS to accommodate a new CPU. Which CPU you can use will be partly dictated by the version of your motherboard, as you can see on the Asus page.

    You do want a quad-core if you can afford it. Everything uses multiple cores these days. I began Googling the CPUs on the Asus page one by one, and the Core 2 Quad Q6600 seems to be in the ballpark (cricket ground) price-wise.

    Your graphics card is beastly enough---more than is needed for 'light gaming'.
  12. izoli said:
    Well if you change mobo I would seriously recommend getting LGA 1155 socket and i5 2500, I hear you can find it for 150ish dollars on sale. And it is currently one of the best gaming cpus on the market.

    Well I would love also to recommend that but I suppose its way off his badget. only the cpu costs 219$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115072 and meanwhile core i3 system is cost entirely 214$ (135£) which is only 10£ more than his badget for cpu+memory for lga775.
  13. Jinn, can you change the motherboard/cpu/ram by yourself? Well if you can change it then buy a new mobo/ram/cpu (or ask a friend to help you if you dont know how :)). Otherwise look for some Yorkfield cpus like Q9300 88£ or Q9400 106£ (offbadget :().
  14. Hi All.

    Sorry for the late reply!
    Thank you all for taking the time to reply to me. I got very confused in the end, so ended up taking my computer to a repair shop to be looked at.
    They said that my CPU is fine, and I should hold off replacing it for a while, untill I can upgrade the motherboard and memory aswell anyway.

    What they did do however was upgrade the graphics card (I can now play games in higher quality - although i do still get the little lag happening), and they also suggested I add some more RAM (which they didn't do at the time).

    So, I have 4GB of DDR2 1066MHz Ram at the moment (2x2gb), but I can no longer get the type I have (OCZ gold). So can I add 2GB of Kingston DDR2 1066MHz HyperX to the system alright? (there are 4 RAM slots in my system - 2 are being used at the moment, and I can have up to 12GB in total). :)
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