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Hi I need an opinion on a Building a computer. I have a intel e5700 proccessor which I bought it some time ago to upgrade my old proccessor. However it couldn't work so I kept it. I was thinking of building a system using that proccessor. But would it last for at least 2 years? By the way, I am doing some mainstream games like mordern Warfare 3 and crisis 2. I have another choice Which is to build it with a core i5 CPU that requires me to spent extra cash on it? Either way I need to buy a new motherboard for them. The system I wanted to build contains a gts450 graphics card an a 550w psu with 3 to 4 gb of ram. Please feel free to give any suggestion. Even if it is a different category or things that I've not listed. Thank you for all you help.
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  1. Budget, country, does you need monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc?
  2. Hello Kaiser476;

    Have you set a budget for this project?
    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started.

    Most of these type questions are found in the System's forum.
  3. i would go for a new CPU for modern games, get a 2500k if you can but even if you get an i3 or a cheaper i5 it should still do better than your e5700
  4. I am in Singapore and My budget is around SGD $800. I have a keyboard and mouse including a monitor. Core i5 2400 cost about SGD$279 here .
  5. get a i3 new system. it will be a lot faster than the old cpu and the entire system will not be much more expensive.
  6. But is it good for gaming?
  7. yes the i3 will be a lot better for gaming than your old cpu and isn't that far behind a i5.
  8. I'd suggest also getting a new gpu as that is the most important part. You should be able to easily fit a 6870 or 560 in your budget if you get an i3.
  9. Oh I see but i3 has only two cores and cost just alittle less than an i5. Does it worth the price?
  10. Oh I see but i3 has only two cores and cost just alittle less than an i5. Does it worth the price?
  11. Its 2 cores hyperthreaded to 4 cores. SO 2 physical cores and 4 logical cores, while the i5 has 4 phsyical cores and outperforms the i3.
  12. the i3 is worth it right now. if you need to upgrade later as more games support more threads you can get an ivy bridge. Games don't need that many cores as of today.
  13. It's your budget. Can you squeeze a quad core into it?
  14. you can also go with amd if you want 4 cores even if the cores are slightly less powerful individually.
  15. Oh anyway Is it worth it to get a sandy bridge processor right now since ivy bridge is going to be released soon? My intention was to stick to e5700 first and get an ivy bridge when it is released. Anyway, does Anyone knows when will be the release of ivy bridge.
  16. not worth the trouble of using the e5700.

    you can upgrade to ivy on a sandy bridge motherboard but the e6700 motherboard would be useless if you buy it.
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