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Hello, i would like to know if motherboard " GA-970A-DS3" would run fx 8350 vishera. Motherboard have am3 ...
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  1. Yes the 970 chipset is for AM3+ socket.
  2. no it is not I already found out..mainly because of VRM only supports cpus to 8140 fx
  3. fx 8350 runs ur motherboard but may need to upgrade bios and motherboard manufacturers issued bios upgrade for fx processors because fx cpus dont run steam games on same motherboards
    your motherboard doesn't support 125w 8core FX processors so the best CPU you can install is FX 6300.
  5. no highest i can use is fx 8140
  6. fx 6300 is faster than fx 8140 especially in games and much more efficient because fx(8350,8320,6300,4300) benefits from AMD latest pildriver cores.
  7. Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 with bios 1503 (the last) supports partially the FX8350 : Windows 8 64 bits and the different free of charge Linux 64 bits distributions in their last versions, but not Windows 7 64 bits !!! I have proved this by replacing the FX8350 by an Athlon II X4 630. I have contacted the Asus support, and the Asus support does not seem to understand the problem.If members of the Tom's hardware community can intervene by Asus, it would be useful.
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