Two VGA's on Radeon HD 6870?

I have installed a Radeon HD 6870 (2 x mini dvi, 1 x HDMI, 2 x dvi ) and I want to connect three monitors to it, I have the following:

2 x LG L1710M VGA monitors (VGA ports only)
1 x Dell digital monitor (VGA + DVI ports)

I have two working at the moment in the following config:

1 x VGA monitor on VGA cable with DVI adapter into DVI port
1 x Dell monitor on DVI cable into DVI port

Anyone know of a combination/adapters I can use to get the third VGA monitor up and running?

I believe from reading other posts that only one of the dvi slots can recognise VGA. Could I use an adapter to
connect the other VGA monitor to either the mini dvi or HDMI?, would this be recognised by windows (7)?

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  1. Your 6870 has x2 Mini-DVI ports Or x2 Mini-Display Ports(Mini-HDMI)

    In order to get the 3rd monitor working your going to need to get an HDMI to DVI or VGA adapter.Or you can get the adapter type that would suit the other ports.
  2. 2 mini dvi?

    In order to use 3 monitors you need to use the display port (DP) on the card.
  3. Sorry yes, that is two mini display ports, not mini dvi.

    So just to clarify, would the following setup detect all monitors

    LG VGA monitor - VGA cable to dvi adapter - dvi socket 1
    LG VGA monitor - VGA cable to HDMI or mini display adapter - HDMI or mini display port
    Dell Digi Monitor - dvi cable - dvi socket 2

    Would I need an active adapter on the HDMI/mini display adapter?

    thanks for the help!
  4. If the monitor is a VGA only then you need to get a Mini Displayport to VGA adapter.
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