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P8z77-V Pro soundcard

Does the motherboard p8z77-v pro support dolby digital sound?
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  1. I'm still pestering a couple of our motherboard people for a more definitive answer, so this post may be edited to reflect updated answers.

    You should be able to do Dolby Digital decoding in software with no issues at all, and SPDIF passthrough is also an option if you have a receiver capable of Dolby Digital decoding. At the moment though, I'm not able to find any references to Dolby Digital like there is for DTS.

    Edit: Okay, I heard back and the answer is that as you have to license Dolby Digital and DTS tech from the respective companies, we only license one or the other depending on the board. So in addition to the above, if you are interested in upmixing audio, the DTS support would serve the same effective function as Dolby Digital. Otherwise, software decoding or SPDIF passthrough to a receiver.
  2. so that means it does support dolby digital sound?
    Because I'm trying to get an astro a40 with mixamp and I need the 7.1 soundcard in order to get 7.1 sound
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    In short no, at least as far as using the onboard Realtek® ALC892 directly. You'd need either software to decode the signal or as mentioned pass-trough via the Optical S/PDIF to a receiver; the software or receiver must support Dolby decoding.

    Info on Realtek® ALC892 -
    Optional Dolby PCEE program, SRS TruSurround HD, SRS Premium Sound, Fortemedia SAM, Creative Host Audio, Synopsys Sonic Focus, DTS Surround Sensation | UltraPC, and DTS Connect licenses

    ASUS P8Z77-V PRO -
    - Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound
    - DTS Ultra PC II
    - DTS Connect

    [Best solution is either pass-through via the Optical S/PDIF or a discrete sound card] The oboard sound, same for most every MOBO*, is not good anyway and if 'sound quality' is at all important then look for a decent sound card; example $80 ASUS Xonar DX with 7.1 (hardware Dolby decoding) -

    More info ASUS Xonar DX -

    * There are a few MOBO's with half-way decent onboard sound cards built-in, IMO they're barely acceptable; example ASUS Formula series (Maximus V Formula) - but still no Dolby.
  4. yeap I'm buying that sound card.
    Good to know.

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