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How to oc my 1100t past 4ghz

well i raised my clock multiplier to 20, voltage to 1.5 and my oc seems very stable at 4.02Ghz, under prime it reaches a max of 45C but how would i push it past that and keep it stable?
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  1. ive never overclocked anything before but i would suggest just keep raising the clock while makin sure you dont push the temp too high, stay well below 60c
  2. ya i heard dont pass 55C and if i try to push it to 4.4 it crashes.
  3. callumparker666 said:
    ive never overclocked anything before but i would suggest just keep raising the clock while makin sure you dont push the temp too high, stay well below 60c

    Go figure, someone who has never overclocked before had to post on your thread to give you advice about how to overclock. Amazing.

    The max temp for your cpu is 62c. As long as you stay under that your fine. Most people don't get over 4-4.2, so be happy.

    It must be cold where you live to have such low temps, remember it'll be a lot higher in the summer. Especially with voltage at 4.5, lol, that could cause a catastrophic meltdown of your computer. Yeah obviously it was a typo.
  4. kk but if i raise my voltage will it possibly allow for a higher oc without crashing?
  5. Possibly, but not 4.5v lol

    The higher the voltage, the higher your temps are gonna be.
  6. Impressive that your temps are 45C max at 4GHz!
  7. lol i got a corsair A70 cooler.
  8. keep your voltage below 1.45, I'd go max 1.35.

    your cpu shouldn't go higher than 65 under prime which would mean it won't go over 60 under normal load which is good enough.

    raise the multi as high as you can go stable and go down 0.5 and increase your base clock a couple of mhz, should be stable with a 10-15 mhz increase. should be able to do 20x210 for 4.2ghz. also run ht link at about 2600 for best memory performance.
  9. Well what i am aiming for is 4.4 to 4.6 if I can, and with my voltage at 1.5 and 4ghz my CPU temp never exceeded 45c so I think it would be safe to raise the voltage more, correct me if I'm wrong. well it seems i got it to 4.4 @ 5.552 volts and 33c idle temp now its time to run prime95.

    Bsod with clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval when I try to run prime.
  10. well i got what appears to be a stable oc at 1.5V and 21x200 and now i just wait to see what the temp max is at which appears to be 49-50

    edit:tried both 21x200 and 20x210 at 1.45V to 1.5v and both were unstable and crashed in prime after a couple min... so i put it back to 20x200 and 1.45v

    so what do i have to do to get it past 4.00? and at 4Ghz and 1.45v I'm reaching a max of 45c

    oh and about my temp, the room I'm in is not cold but i got a corsair a70 with arctic silver and 5 case fans
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    1.5v is too high. You have unrealistic expectations of how high you can push that chip. 4Ghz is about max with high end air cooling. Also the chip will hit a scaling wall at about 3.8Ghz where pushing it higher will not result in more performance. If you want a 4.5Ghz and higher chip you need Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer. Bulldozer's IPC is so bad it needs those high speeds to compete so really the only chips that are impressive at 4.5+ are Sandy Bridge/Sandy Bridge-E. Ivy Bridge should be an even better overclocker.
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  13. ok well thanks for all the help ppl.
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