First build, will it work?

I'm new to this building your own computer and did a good amount of research (but still not quite enough) on how to build them. I came up with these parts as result. I'm building a gaming pc with price as low as I can go.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6950

AMD Phenom II x4 970 3.5GHz


Kingston 4GB DDR3 RAMS

500GB Hard Drive


ATX Mid Tower Computer (unsure of this one)

750W Power Supply (unsure of this one too, read on)

Most of the parts are from newegg, it's my first time and in case something goes wrong, it can at least be parts being defective and I can get support...or something.....I heard newegg's customer support is pretty good

Oh and quick question, how do you know if your power supply have the extra cable that can power the graphic card? This is almost the only thing I can't figure out when reading the descriptions.

So umm, yea...see if any parts is not compatible or is just bad components.

Useless detail: Building a rig to run BF3

EDIT: Going to run window 7 ultimate 64 bit on it. Is the motherboard compatible?
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  1. Yes, the build will work.

    -Assuming you're going for a decently budget gaming build, there's no need for an AM3+ motherboard (the reason to get one would be if you're planning on upgrading to a Bulldozer chip sometime down the line). You can get a regular AM3 board with USB3/SATA6 like this one for $30 less.

    -In a single-monitor setup, a 2GB graphics card is a waste -- you'll see no difference with a 1GB card like this one, for $30 less.

    -RAM's really cheap right now, I'd pick up an 8GB DDR3-1600 kit. You should be able to find one for ~$40-45.

    -I'd recommend a 1TB hard drive like the Spinpoint F3 or Seagate Barracuda.

    -The PSU recommended by cutebeans is a bit sketchy; I'd go with this PCPC one. Your power supply will come with the necessary cables to feed your graphics card.

    -cutebeans' HAF 912/burner combo, however, is very tight, definitely a good buy.

    -Windows 7 64-bit will run fine on any of the builds here.
  2. Do you really need Ultimate? Home Premium will do ya just fine, and you can save a good $100 towards a better graphics card.

    Win. 7 Home Premium:
  3. I'm trying to build a computer that will last for a long time.

    I have heard the Radeon 6950 Toxic have a vapor-x feature which keeps the card very cool which will let it last a long time. With the cool temperature, it should be able to overclock without doing much damage to the card. I also heard the 6950 can be unlocked to 6970 :D . So unless I can find a Radeon 6950 Toxic that's a 1gb, I don't think I'll be switching to any other card that's cheaper.....

    For ram, I'm switching from regular kingston to G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB. Will that be a better buy at $33 compared to 8gb ddr3 ram at $40-$45?

    If I do use a 500w powersupply. Will it be able to support overclocking the graphic card, cpu, and ram (if possible)? Because I might be doing that in the future once the build start getting dated. If that is not enough, how much power do you think it'll need to have all those parts overclocked? You mentioned the 500w power supply will be able to feed the graphic card. So is it that the 750w power supply I chose can't feed the graphic card? :??:

    Thanks for the respond, I highly appreciate it! :) (yes, i discovered smilies)
  4. 8GB is recommended for gaming build, and allows for a long future without having to buy more and hope its compatible.

    Keep the 750W psu if its in your budget, more IS better, as it will only draw as much as it needs anyways.

    If you plan on running 2 cards at any point, i would recommend an Asrock 970 for $110, or any other 9xx series, as they utilize much faster PCI-e speeds for better performance.

    I would like you to go to something more along an Antec, Corsair, XFX,ocz, or Seasonic for your gaming PSU. Better quality for hardware protection.

    Lastly, the 955BE is a good choice, or the 960T Zosma. Its a stable BE quad-core just like the 955BE, but it has the potential to unlock 2 more cores for roughly the same price. Here it is:
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