Will a 660ti fit into my uATX

Hello Everybody,

I seek your wisdom in this matter, I have a uATX motherboard

It's here:

I'm looking forward into upgrading into a GTX 660ti

Would it fit in just fine?

if not would this 650ti fit in instead?

Thanks in advance
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    The 650Ti will definitely fit, I don't know for sure but I think the 660 Ti should fit because this case is surprisingly long in it's measurements, if the hard drive bays are parallel to the front of the case then for sure it will fit (38.5cm - about 8.9 gives you 28.4 cm of room which is about 284 mm and most cards that are not high end are less than 280mm) however if they are not parallel to the front than it is probably a tight it and I cannot say for sure, odds are good but again I do not know for sure.
  2. Thanks scorpinock2, I think I'll stay on the safe side and go for the 650ti :)
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