So confused - 560, 560 Ti, or 570?

I am about to pull the trigger on my new build and am still torn over what GPU option to take.

I am trying to compare within brand so below are all ASUS GPU's.

My choices are narrowed down to:

2 x 560 in SLI @ $179 x 2 = $358

2 x 560 Ti in SLI @ $230 x 2 = $460

2 x 570 in SLI @ $320 x 2 = $640

Obviously some large price differences between these options.

Can I even 2 x SLI that 570 taking up 3 slots? Being that tight together will cooling be impacted? I am planning on this ASUS Z68 Deluxe MB:

The ASUS 560 in 2 x SLI at $358 seems like a great value right now. Will that be powerful enough to run games like BF3 at full settings?

Is the $100 bump for the 560 Ti setup (over the 560) worth that slight performance improvement? Would it even be noticed?

Someone earlier suggested I just get 1x the 570 for now and then add a 2nd in SLI down the road once the prices drop to the $200 range. Will 1x 570 run new games like BF3 at full settings?

The 3 slots the 570 takes up worries me, it looks massive. Clearly the 570 in 2 x SLI is the best performance by far, but is it worth a nearly $300 premium over the 560 setup?

Thanks for any thoughts/input. I may over analyze this stuff but I sleep better at night once I order it (I would rather 2nd guess now than after I place the order).
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  1. Twin 560Ti cards in SLI should rock, at least up through 1080P res in any game...
  2. You'd notice a big difference between the 560s and the 560Ti's in SLI, or at least I would. Definitely worth it IMO, though both setups are a great value. If you go for 570s, I'd recommend dual-slot cards, or at least one dual-slot to run on top. You have the best cooler on the market on that thing but if you ram it up against the PCB on the next card, you're shooting yourself in the foot. That mobo is triple spaced for it's SLI slots, so I'd take advantage of that. If you do go for a triple slot card on bottom, you'll want to check first to see how much room there is between it and your PSU, so that you're not shooting yourself in the foot there.
  3. The 570 is out of stock, but I would say the 560 Ti's are really the way to go at a good price point. Much faster than a GTX 580 for about the same price.
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