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hi i would like to ask if this ram here would be compatible with the motherboard here btw i want to get i5 3570k processor. Also would like to know if corsair vengeance ram would be compatible with the motherboard?
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    Yes, the G.Skill RAM is compatible, but I am not certain of Corsair.

    Thank you
  2. That particular G.Skill RAM actually isn't on ASUS' QVL (qualified vendors list), though related kits are. Some Corsair memory is, but "Corsair Vengeance" is a pretty broad term. There are tons of different Corsair Vengeance memory kits. I'm sure a few of them are on the list, but most of them won't be.

    However, that doesn't really matter. Both should work fine.

    By the way, you might want to consider DDR3-1600 instead of that DDR3-1333 kit.
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