Which Processor Should I Go For?

Hello members, this is my first post here. I am a new member and i am from India. So please neglect any errors i make in the language.
I just bought a new mobo namely MSI G41M-P26. Also i have the 2 GBs of DDR3 RAM (single module).
Now i want to buy a processor for this mobo, i've sorted out from core-2-duo and core-2-quad processors. I've chosen C2D E8400 & C2Q Q8300, Q8400.
Now my Big Q, about which i am confused is that which one is better in computing-power, C2D or C2Q? And which one shall i get out of the above mentioned CPUs and why? I will also upgrade my RAM to an additional 4 GBs.
And one more thing, you might think that why i bought this obsolete technology's mobo then i will say that that's the another painful story!! And, also, these are the only C2D and C2Q processors available still in indian market, so please suggest me out of the above.
One more thing, FSB for mobo is 800/1033/1333 and RAM is also having 1333 MHz frequency.
So friends, it will be of great help for me if you wise people suggest me wisely. All your help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. if your budget allows is get the Q8400.
    What is the usage of this machine?
  2. Definately go with the C2Q.

    It has double the cores of the C2D, as the C2D has 2 physical cores, the C2Q has 4. Also a quad core is much more future proof than the current dual cores CPU's.

    The Core 2 Duo is like having 2 physical arms, you can carry a lot with 2 arms.

    The Core 2 Quad is like having 4 physical arms, you can carry a lot more with 4 arms.

    You might need windows 7 though to take better advantage of the Quad core processing power, as windows 7 has much better multi core support than windows XP.
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