Im changing my fx 4100 cpu, what new cpu should i get

Hello guys, im a owner of a fx-4100 cpu, im going 2 change it i want 2 know what cpu should i get for a gaming pc my current build is

Mainboard : asus m5a97 evo
Gpu ati radeon 6870
and my fx 4100 cpu

Should i keep my fx- 4100 or should i get a new cpu, if thats the case what cpu should i get thanks
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  1. 1) Why do you want to change from the fx4100? Is this just a true upgrade?
    2) Are you planning on sticking with AMD? Most of the folks on this board will tell you to ditch the CPU and mainboard and just buy Intel.
    3) What kind of performance do you need? Will you be playing games, transcoding video, or just surfing the web and reading email?
    4) What kind of budget are you looking at?

    If you want to stick with AMD, but are looking for beter performance than the 4100, then step up to the fx 8120, since it seems to be the price/performance sweet spot for the BD line.
  2. Houndsteeth is right, if you really want to see any real world improvement you'll probably have to get at least an i5. Otherwise, if your comfortable with overclocking I would consider doing that as it could give you the performance bump you need
  3. Phenom II X4 975 BE, or a 955 BE if you'd rather OC it yourself.

    That said, not much difference in performance. Might as well just OC the FX 4100.
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