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How to get job in nvidia

Hi I am presently pursuing bachelor of engineering in computer science from indore i like to play more n more gamming
specially first person shooters i also have some knowledge about the graphics card about their gpu and technology used
so how can i get the job????????.
reply me,
with regards
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  1. Don't post your email id. You could get lots of spams. Edit that post now.

    Did you google on such info ?
  2. You want to work for Nvidia. Send a resume to them after you get your degree and cross your fingers.
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    To get a good and decent job with them you will have to prove your ability to do the job as well contribute to the company. They just don't take any one off the street unless exceptional in a desired skill with a job opening but I can say that good engineers for the hardware and great programmers for the hardware are always sought after. Email them and send in your resume then wait for a reply.
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